Making gifts

We try to make gifts for daycare workers, special people (UPS Guy), and neighbours several times a year. This year, instead of sending baking, I wanted Kaelen to be able to be more hands on with the gift creation this year. I found an idea on pinterest, showed Kaelen and he said “I can do that”… so he did!

Watercolour Coasters

Supplies needed:

  • plain white 4″ x 4″ tiles (ours were ยข28 each at Home Depot – we purchased a box of 100 for $28)
  • small felt or rubber adhesive pads (feet)
  • regular Sharpie markers in several colours
  • rubbing alcohol
  • a rag or cotton pads
  • a small fine mist sprayer
  • a straw (we used a marker spritzer – you just need something to blow air)
  • an acrylic based sealer/finisher spray
  • a protected work surface


  1. lay out some tiles and wipe them off with some rubbing alcohol on a rag or cotton pad
  2. scribble on / add colour to the tiles using the Sharpie markers
  3. when done, mist with rubbing alcohol (using spritzer) and immediately blow on misted area with straw or blower
  4. repeat until you are happy with the results
  5. dab off any “bubbles”
  6. once dry, spray with sealer/finisher
  7. add felt feet


  • we weren’t too successful with a black Sharpie as we found the lines remained visible
  • if you spray on the rubbing alcohol and wait, the ink will bloom without the air – Kaelen preferred the air tho
  • a fine mist spray at the end gives a bit of a granite appearance
  • the more ink, the more coverage, the darker the result
  • we enjoyed laying out 4 tiles in a square formation and colouring on all 4 as if they were one … creating a puzzle in the end

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