Coffee Cozy

Ok, ok. You sewers out there please don’t look too closely. In the current holiday mini catalogue, stampin’ up! Has new designer fabric. Well i just had to try my hand at it. This is the ‘deck the halls’ fabric and big designer button. I used quilting batting, a hair elastic, and some of our lovely crochet trim found in the big catalogue. This one is called victorian. Because of the closure, the cozy can fit around mugs with handles … Travel and ceramic. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Coffee Cozy

  1. Connie Updegraff

    Are you making these to sell? I would like to buy 10 of them if they are not to expensive. You can email me.
    Great Job!


  2. Sherri Gamblin

    I have always liked these cozies, but seeing them in our fabric makes we LOVE them! I barely sew, but would love to give these a try. Would you mind emailing me some instructions?


  3. kristine

    This is a darling idea!! Thanks for sharing.


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